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Education & Training

As part of empowering women’s aims KMEWO is funded by Big Lottery to provide educational courses to women who cannot otherwise access mainstream education because of barriers such as;

  • Language and/or cultural barriers
  • Domestic violence
  • Racism
  • Lack of opportunities
  • Lack of information
  • Family / childcare responsibilities
  • Poverty
  • Immigration issues

Classes are delivered at venues where women and girls meet for social, cultural or religious reasons.

Current programme timetable

ESOL— Entry 1 13 Weeks 26HR
ESOL— Entry 2 13 Weeks 26HR
ESOL— Entry 3 13 Weeks 26HR
Literacy — Entry 1 10 Weeks 20HR
Literacy — Entry 2 10 Weeks 20HR
Confidence  Building 10 Weeks 30HR
ICT (basic) 10 Weeks 20HR
Word & Excel 5 Weeks 10HR
Employability 5 Weeks 10HR

The term start each year:

January , May, September

Women could access Varity of courses.

Assessments and exams to progress are made at beginning and the end of each term.

Moving on

On completion of your study with KMEWO there is an opportunity to move on to a more advanced level of study. We can refer you to the Hillcroft College (a women only college) where you can study for your GCSE’s and progress on to university if you so desire


Anyone joining the programme will also have the opportunity to gain work experience either within KMEWO or elsewhere  and therefore become more marketable with the job market.

To view more please download: Big lottery Leaflet

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