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Campaign in Iraqi Kurdistan: Paying a visit to a Mullah who promotes FGM


http://www.stopfgmmideast.org/campaign-in-iraqi-kurdistan-paying-a-visit-to-a-mullah-who-promotes-fgm/ When Iraqi Kurdish Xelk Media Network reported about a Kurdish Mullah promoting female genital mutilation (FGM) on May 8th, the Kurdish community was shocked. Not only did Mullah Ali Kalak stress that Islam allows “female circumcision” but he demanded it to be done for the well-being of girls, claiming non-cut girls would enter illicit sexual affairs. Kurdistan Rasul visits Mullah ... Read More »

KMEWO’s quarterly news


Recent activities and events (January – March 2015) Advice and information Despite a decrease in funding, KMEWO has continued to provide advice and support to women from the Kurdish, Middle Eastern and North Africa communities on issues affecting their daily lives. With the help of our Advice Worker, KMEWO continued providing practical and emotional support, advice and information for Kurdish ... Read More »